Power Plays in Cyberspace and On Ice: Exploring the Parallels Between Cybersecurity and Hockey

A hockey Forecheck being performed.

Diving into the world of cybersecurity often feels like stepping into a high-stakes hockey rink. Imagine the final moments of a championship game: You, the lead defenseman, stand alone against mounting odds. The clock ticks down, the crowd’s roar is deafening, and the opponents target your side, sensing its vulnerability. Two of your teammates are sidelined, the goalie is pulled for an offensive play, and the pressure is mounting. As the only line of defense, you’re swarmed, outmaneuvered, and ultimately, the adversary scores. Just like in cybersecurity, when defenses falter, the consequences can be crushing. Forecheck helps with that.

The current cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Business leaders prioritize investments that directly fuel business growth and innovation, and cybersecurity is often sidelined. Many businesses rely on a versatile, “jack-of-all-trades” IT individual or a small team that may not have specialized training to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Competent cybersecurity talent is expensive—and a rarity to find in today’s job market.

Like a hockey team with two players in the penalty box and an open net, your team tries to defend from the full-power hackers trying to score their goal: compromising your company. Small teams generally lack the knowledge and training to properly handle cybersecurity incidents and may not always action glaring cybersecurity issues, even ones that have been actively exploited in the past.

Our mission at Forecheck is to enable and equip organizations of all sizes to have the cybersecurity knowledge and expertise at their fingertips to supercharge their existing IT team. Our collective body of learning and seasoned cybersecurity experts augments your team by providing real-time expertise, knowledge, visibility, and assistance to threats as they emerge. Our revolutionary incident management platform and resilience library provides your security team with the ‘answers to the test’ on how to effectively harden and add cyber resilience to the environment to mitigate the risk of the same issue happening again, holding the IT team accountable in the process.

Forecheck acts like the goalie in this process, standing between your company’s security posture and their IT department, protecting and alerting on every cybersecurity attack that comes through. But our goalie is a little bit of a rule bender—Once an opponent makes a shot, we block off that part of the net with a cover, thus reducing the area an opponent can score. This is just like how Forecheck utilizes the resiliency library to help organizations reduce the attack surface.

In hockey, “forecheck” is a style of defense where a team strikes their opponents in their own defensive zone, halting an attack before it has a chance to come to fruition. Like hockey, the cybersecurity landscape is fast-paced, and the game is constantly changing. Your organization needs someone in your corner who has the knowledge and time to prioritize your security and reduce your risk.

Your organization NEEDS a cybersecurity team, and a competent one at that. Forecheck is the catalyst to propel your business to better cybersecurity hygiene. We don’t think of ourselves as just another tool—we are your teammate for Cybersecurity success.

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