About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Forecheck is to enable and equip organizations of all sizes to have the cybersecurity knowledge and expertise at their fingertips to supercharge their existing IT team. Our collective body of learning and seasoned cybersecurity experts augments your team by providing real-time expertise, knowledge, visibility, and assistance to threats as they emerge. Our revolutionary incident management platform and resilience library provides your security team with the ‘answers to the test’ on how to effectively harden and add cyber resilience to the environment to mitigate the risk of the same issue happening again, holding the IT team accountable in the process.

Meet the Team

At Forecheck, our strength lies in our people. From seasoned security experts to innovative software developers, each member of our team brings unique skills, perspectives, and dedication to ensure the safety and success of our clients’ online operations. Dive in to get to know the talented individuals behind the ultimate SaaS security solutions.

Linda Maclachlan


Linda is the founder and chief strategist of Forecheck.

Raum Sandoval

Chief information security Officer

Raum is responsible for the operations and services of Forecheck. 

Matthew Fitzgerald

Director of Engineering

Matthew is responsible for the development and integrations team.

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Your organization NEEDS a cybersecurity team, and a competent one at that. Forecheck is the catalyst to propel your business to better cybersecurity hygiene. We don’t think of ourselves as just another tool—we are your teammate for Cybersecurity success. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact!

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